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WITH YOUR SUPPORT WE MADE OUR GOAL. Yes! We leave for India on Sunday, where we will begin by interviewing Vandana’s childhood friends, teachers, and son.
We will also visit Gandhi’s Ashram and film gatherings of organic farmers atNavdanya and Indore (in Central India) where many say the modern organic movement began.
The story of the organic movement as we know it today has deep roots in India and actually features an Englishman. In 1905 an agricultural developer named Albert Howard–from Shropshire–was dispatched to the colony to teach Indian farmers how they should farm.
Instead, this Western scientist discovered that the indigenous farmers could teach him far more: He went on to famously document the benefits of organic agriculture for the Rodale Institute and other organizations, and is well known for stating that “the health of soil, plant, animal and man is indivisible.”
Howard advocated for agroecology long before the advent of GMOs and the corporate control of our food systems.
Today Indore is a center of food culture in India. With Dr. Shiva we’ll visit organic farmer’s markets, including the Sarafa Bazaar, a night market famous for its vegetarian street food.
Edible treats not withstanding, we see excellent footage ahead.
Thanks to our donors and Kickstarter backers, in Delhi we’ll film at the Bhoomi Festival, source archival material, and look for an artist to help us with animation and graphics:
Here’s a picture of the Hindu Goddess Durga in the Madhubani style of Indian art. Durga is the embodiment of the warrior woman: She tears down demons and difficulties to build anew. Many describe Vandana as a manifestation of Durga…an idea we explore with her in the film.

 The Kickstarter campaign ends this Saturday, September 19 and you can still pledge. Every dollar over and above our initial goal will go directly into the project and we have a wish list! You could be rewarded with any one of the following, which all make great gifts.

And more! See our Kickstarter page for other rewards.
In the meantime, we’re excited to be able to get back to the film. We’ll send out rewards as soon as we return!

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Great news! Our Kickstarter campaign is 94% funded with 9 days to go.
We are nearing the home stretch: If you have yet to pledge to The Seeds of Vandana Shiva, please do so now. We invite you to join us in our mission to tell Vandana’s life story.
And if we go over our goal, that’s OK too! We still have some distance to go to finish this film and we’ll put all contributions to excellent use. For example, down the line we’ll be looking to post-production costs: new edits, an original score, sound editing and color correction, not to mention promotion of the completed film.
This week we are at the Heirloom Seed Expo, a fantastic event attended by thousands that takes place every year in Santa Rosa, California. Last evening we screened our promo reel before Vandana’s appearance at the Seed Summit panel. It was both gratifying and humbling to receive big applause for our work.
Last week we attended a mind-blowing Soil Not Oil conference organized by the indefatigable Biosafety Alliance. Featuring an impressive gathering of scientists and activists we came away secure in the knowledge that the science is clear: Regenerative food systems are the solution to ecological devastation, poverty, hunger and climate change. Contrary to the messaging of Big Ag and Big Food, agriculture created by an industry focused on product and profit is not the solution, but a major cause of these problems.
In case you have not visited our Kickstarter page, you may have missed our great new rewards:
For $50 you will receive a pack of 10 cards featuring the Zulu word ubuntu. Sometimes described as “I am because you are,” ubuntu expresses a social and spiritual stance of respect, concern and compassion for one’s family and community. With this pledge you will also receive an early link to the finished film.
And for $35 you will receive a signed copy of Vandana Shiva’s seminal work, Soil Not Oil, recently reissued by North Atlantic Books. In the book she condemns industrial agriculture as a recipe for ecological and economic disaster and champions small, independent farms for their greater productivity, potential for social justice and ability to restore biodiversity essential for the health of the planet. It is a fascinating read that explains how a world beyond dependence on fossil fuels is not only necessary, but possible too.
Let us remind you that all rewards above $25 include an early link to the film!
Here’s Satish Kumar on why The Seeds of Vandana Shiva is so important:
Satish Kumar on The Seeds of Vandana Shiva

Thank you so much to our supporters so far. We’re looking forward to sending you news of our filming trip in India–if we reach our Kickstarter goal, we’ll be en route on September 20th.

Don’t forget to follow our Facebook and twitter feeds, for news about the film and Vandana’s work.



By the time you read this, we will be on the road to Northern California, where we’ll be attending two big events in support of The Seeds of Vandana Shiva.
We’ve already passed $20K with 16 days to go of our Kickstarter campaign. $10K more to raise–we think we can do it! A gentle reminder: We don’t get a penny unless we reach our goal. If you want to help us share the story of Vandana’s extraordinary journey to prominence, please pledge here now.
In fact on our Kickstarter page you will see that we’ve posted brand new rewards: Seed Savers Exchange has put up a full-fledged membership with extra benefits and The Omega Institute is offering registration (with meals and private accommodations) for their Seeds of Change Conference in mid October. Yes, Dr. Shiva will be there as well.
The moral support we continue to receive for The Seeds of Vandana Shiva has completely inspired us and we’re more than ready to get back to the film. And while we don’t want to short-change the priceless assistance of our brothers-in-arms throughout this campaign, it seems that the project resonates particularly strongly with women.
By way of example, last week this popular post on our Facebook page was shared widely and reached more than 43 thousand people.
The Organic Consumers Association posted about the project on Facebook this morning and instantly racked up more than 2,000 “likes.” We’re looking forward to meeting Director Ronnie Cummins at the Heirloom Seed Expo next week. If we reach our Kickstarter goal, we’ll be filming him with Vandana and other eco-activists on their Pilgrimage of the Soil in India soon.
But first we’ll be at the Soil not Oil Conference in Richmond, where we’ll screen our promotional reel before Dr. Shiva’s Keynote Address: Here’s the poster, which you can click through for more information.


We’ll be back to news about filmmaking soon!


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We are moving into the second week of our Kickstarter campaign for
The Seeds of Vandana Shiva and so far it’s been an incredible ride.
First of all, we’ve surpassed 9K of our 30K goal, with 25 days to go. We’re delighted to be ahead of the curve! But we’re entering, possibly, the notorious Kickstarter mid-campaign slump, so we’re a bit nervous. If you are planning to support this film on its road to completion, this would be anexcellent week to kick in.
You’ve heard it before and it’s true: Every bit helps.
Our team and community are doing a great job of keeping the energy up. Last week our local farm-to-table restaurant, The Farmer and The Cookthrew a blowout community party for the project. Described by owner Steve Sprinkel as an “organicultural rave and teach in,” the event raised well over $2K for the film. On Saturday August 29, artist Kelly Luscombe-Bea is hosting a fundraising concert with virtuoso Paul Livingstone and his Arohi Ensemble: Paul is a gifted student of the beloved Ravi Shankar.
Our social media mavens Rose Souders and Kathy Speer have been tweeting and Facebook posting since the campaign began: News about the film has reached 25 thousand people on Facebook and 38 thousand through Twitter. Our hashtag #SeedsOfVandana has been seen by over 420 thousand Twitteraccounts.
Seeds are sprouting. The world is becoming aware of this film. Here’s one of the most popular posts; click the image to share it on Facebook yourself!


Last week Sooz Fassberg–working on partnerships–secured public support for The Seeds of Vandana Shiva from The Organic Consumers Association,Food Tank and Edible Schoolyard Project. All three are powerful organizations in the movement for ecological food systems and we are honored to be associated with them.
We also acquired a few cool new rewards–click through to our Kickstarter to see what they are!
Here’s Debbie Barker, International Programs Director at Center for Food Safety on Vandana’s exceptional worth as an educator. We think it is qualities such as these that make Dr. Shiva such an excellent subject for a widely distributed documentary film.
Debbie Barker: Vandana Shiva is a magnificent speaker and educator.
Let’s get The Seeds of Vandana Shiva made: Please help us to reach our goal of $20K by this time next week!



A veritable team of volunteers has been working overtime over the past three weeks to get this Kickstarter into your hands.
Without all the unpaid hours put into THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA–both via the global village and our hometown in Ojai–this project would never be where it is.

We’re humbled by how many people love the idea of this film and want it to happen. So many have already contributed in various ways–making connections, researching partnerships, planning fundraising parties, offering up their various and considerable talents and expertise. 

It does take a village. In our case the global village and our hometown.

Friends in Ojai have come together to organize a Kickstarter launch party at The Farmer & The Cook on Thursday August 20. Supported mostly by volunteers and donations, anticipate a local, organic and most excellent party. If you are in Ojai (or thereabouts) and on Facebook you can learn more and RSVP on this event page, otherwise feel free to email us here.

And there are two other events happening in Ojai during the campaign (which runs 35 days): One with tickets for an elegant dinner and incredible concert, another with potluck and planning for action. More on these later.
In September we’re attending the Soil not Oil Conference in the Bay Area–a big deal for the movement and Vandana will give the keynote address. We’ll screen our promo reel before her appearance. A week later we’ll be doing the same thing with her at the Heirloom Seed Expo–a long standing and thriving annual event which we should all know about.
Why don’t you pitch in as well? Please click through to the Kickstarter page and donate if you can.

With all good wishes and hopes that we meet our goal!


Vandana with bullocks and master 1
What a busy few months it has been. We received a generous grant to edit THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA from the Logan Foundation and our wonderful editors are hard at work. We’ve also been working on the script and researching music, archival footage and Indian animation and graphics.

And we’ve been networking! From scientists, to farmers, to activists, to chefs, we’ve connected with many brilliant people working towards just and ecological food systems for all.

These individuals and the organizations they represent need all the messaging help they can get. Why? Because the strategic centerpiece of industry public relations is that large scale, chemically dependent agriculture is the only way to feed an increasingly crowded and hungry world. The truth is that appropriately scaled organic food systems produce superior nutrition and equivalent yields; they also do not deplete soil, pollute air, overuse water, destroy birds, bees and butterflies or mess with our health!

The problem is that government-supported Big Ag and Big Food have limitless public relations resources, putting agro-ecologists at a disadvantage. This is especially true in the developing world where there is relentless marketing of GMOs and widespread occurrence of corporate land grabs.

For this reason THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA will be much more than a documentary film; it’s also a strategy to support movement building. We have committed to sharing Vandana’s inspiring life story with organizations around the world–both big and small–to support their education, outreach and fundraising efforts. We need to collectively address agro-industry’s dishonest narrative with an alternative that offers solutions and hope.

We’ve forged over fifty alliances already, including with Seed Freedom, African Biodiversity Network, Center for Food Safety, Edible Communities, Global GMO Free Coalition, The Greenhorns, Rodale Institute, Soil not Oil Coalition and Seed Savers Exchange. With our newly minted promotional reel, we’ll be reaching out to a list of more than 150 additional organizations across the globe.

Speaking of the promotional reel, here it is!

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