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A Download for The Seeds of Vandana Shiva

Almost every week we receive messages from organic food activists, film festivals, universities and other organizations eager to screen The Seeds of Vandana Shiva to their constituencies. We love the encouragement, and look forward to sharing the film!

To do this, we need to raise $20,000 before the end of the year.

Before you say “hmmm, that’s a mountain to climb,” let us explain and also share some great news.

We need this amount to pay our editors to complete a final cut. They’re available to work with us from the beginning of January but, without funding, they will be forced to look for other work and we will lose them. We also have ongoing post-production and technical costs.

The good news is that The Reva & David Logan Foundation has generously offered to match the next $20,000 that we raise. We are on a short list to receive a grant for much needed post-production deals from The Roy W. Dean FoundationPatagonia has stepped up to support a brilliant outreach campaign we are planning for when the film is released (thank you Patagonia) and we have already raised $3,500 towards our goal.

Now we are asking you, friends and fans to help us to raise the final $16,500 before January 1st so that we can claim our matching grant. Every donation is tax-deductible and every gift over $25 will receive a free download of the finished film. See below for two additional rewards (both of which make wonderful Holiday gifts!)

The totes and aprons are made of high quality organic cotton in a rich navy blue. Produced by EcoConscious, they are also sustainably sourced and fair traded.


We only have 50 units of each so order soon to make sure you get the item you like, especially if you are planning to share it as a gift. Remember your contribution is tax deductible!

For the sake of our planet, our children and grandchildren, we must seize all opportunities to turn our gaze from the leadership crisis in the US to take in the perspective of other world figures. The Seeds of Vandana Shiva profiles one of these leaders while it also promotes ecological food systems and solutions for climate change. Told through the life story of an extraordinary role model for modern times, The Seeds of Vandana Shiva is entertainment, education and mobilization rolled into a truly inspiring experience.

We send seasonal wishes and gratitude to you for your support of our work!

May 19, 2021 | Featured News, News