Andre Leu

Andre Leu is International Director of Regeneration International, an organization that promotes food, farming and land use systems that regenerate and stabilize climate systems, the health of the planet and people, communities, cultures and local economies. Before joining Regeneration International, Andre was President of IFOAM – Organics International, an international umbrella body for the organic sector. Under his leadership, IFOAM grew to over 850 member organizations in127 countries around the world. Andre lectures speaks at universities, conferences, and United Nations events on every continent and works with governments, farmers, consumers and NGOs on the multi-functional benefits of regenerative organic agriculture. He is the author of two books, ‘Poisoning our Children’ and the ‘Myths of Safe Pesticides.’ Andre is a farmer too: With his wife Julia, he has an organic tropical fruit farm in Daintree, Australia.

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