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xronis-pechlivanidis (2)Best known for his acclaimed travel series, Traveling With Maya, Chronis Pechlivanidis has been around the world so many times he’s accustomed to falling sleep in the East and waking up in the West. He’s captured unforgettable moments in every corner of the planet for numerous international TV networks: From rainforests to deserts, far-flung villages to huge cities, Chronis has travelled in all the world’s continents and in just about every terrain. His specialties are social, political and environmental issues and indigenous cultures. Chronis has collaborated with many respected journalists, reporters and academics and is well known in the global TV and documentary festival scenes. He’s worked with Jim and Camilla on many projects.

The Film Makers

Loreto di Cesare is an Italian Filmmaker with more than twenty years of international experience. A talented photographer, Loreto also took most of the portraits of Vandana that we use in our outreach and publicity. He is also an avid cook, and just completed Revolution: Food a documentary, featuring Vandana Shiva, about positive changes taking root in our  food system. The film focuses on real farmers who are growing and raising real food.

The Film Makers

A child of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Jeff’s journey to land interviews with Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald sparked his passion for archival research. He has since worked with Academy-Award-nominated filmmakers on documentaries illustrating the stories of activists and athletes from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and across the Americas. He has provided research for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and The New York Times, and his work has aired on PBS. As a producer, Jeff has worked on films about whistleblowers and drone strike survivors and has consulted for the Chumash indigenous people.

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