One week in to our Kickstarter. Whoa!



We are moving into the second week of our Kickstarter campaign for
The Seeds of Vandana Shiva and so far it’s been an incredible ride.
First of all, we’ve surpassed 9K of our 30K goal, with 25 days to go. We’re delighted to be ahead of the curve! But we’re entering, possibly, the notorious Kickstarter mid-campaign slump, so we’re a bit nervous. If you are planning to support this film on its road to completion, this would be anexcellent week to kick in.
You’ve heard it before and it’s true: Every bit helps.
Our team and community are doing a great job of keeping the energy up. Last week our local farm-to-table restaurant, The Farmer and The Cookthrew a blowout community party for the project. Described by owner Steve Sprinkel as an “organicultural rave and teach in,” the event raised well over $2K for the film. On Saturday August 29, artist Kelly Luscombe-Bea is hosting a fundraising concert with virtuoso Paul Livingstone and his Arohi Ensemble: Paul is a gifted student of the beloved Ravi Shankar.
Our social media mavens Rose Souders and Kathy Speer have been tweeting and Facebook posting since the campaign began: News about the film has reached 25 thousand people on Facebook and 38 thousand through Twitter. Our hashtag #SeedsOfVandana has been seen by over 420 thousand Twitteraccounts.
Seeds are sprouting. The world is becoming aware of this film. Here’s one of the most popular posts; click the image to share it on Facebook yourself!


Last week Sooz Fassberg–working on partnerships–secured public support for The Seeds of Vandana Shiva from The Organic Consumers Association,Food Tank and Edible Schoolyard Project. All three are powerful organizations in the movement for ecological food systems and we are honored to be associated with them.
We also acquired a few cool new rewards–click through to our Kickstarter to see what they are!
Here’s Debbie Barker, International Programs Director at Center for Food Safety on Vandana’s exceptional worth as an educator. We think it is qualities such as these that make Dr. Shiva such an excellent subject for a widely distributed documentary film.
Debbie Barker: Vandana Shiva is a magnificent speaker and educator.
Let’s get The Seeds of Vandana Shiva made: Please help us to reach our goal of $20K by this time next week!

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