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Regeneration International
Farm Hack
Independent Schools Gender Project
Seed Freedom
Regeneration International
Logan Foundation
Organic Valley
Good Planet Foundation
IFOAM Organics International
Organic Consumers Association
Sanctuary Asia
Eco Restoration Camps
Soil Not Oil
Kids’ Right to Know
Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance
Center for Food Safety
Monsanto Tribunal
GM Free Australia
Shumei International
Rodale Institute
Small Planet Institute
African Biodiversity Network
MADGE Australia
Babes Against Biotech
Mantasa Indonesia
Cornucopia Institute
Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine
Alliance for Natural Health International
Native Seed/SEARCH
Gene Ethics Australia
Farmer and the Cook
Center for Regenerative Agriculture
Hummingbird Project
Seed Savers Exchange
The National Heirloom Exposition
Rocky Mountain Seed Exchange
Organic Council of Ontario
Food Tank
Seed Library of Los Angeles
Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement
Cleveland Seed Bank
Toronto Seed Library
Many Ways of Peace Center
Real Food Media Project
Friends of the Earth Far North Queensland
Edible Schoolyard Project
Ojai Green Coalition
All Good Things Organic Seeds
Seed Broadcast
Real Food Media Project
Quantum Agriculture
Friends of the Farmers
Kuranda Urban Farm
Seed Savers
Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative
Permaculture Cairns